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Hi there and thank you for visiting my site. I often get feedback from people saying how well it reads, and so it should! After all, that’s what I am supposed to be teaching here — well written copy. Since 1997, when I introduced my Copywriting In Action course to RMIT University (Melbourne), it has gradually earned a reputation as being the copywriting course of choice (so I’m told by RMIT’s short course coordinators). Participant evaluations describe me as “a great teacher” (that Dip.Ed. came in handy); “an experienced and knowledgeable copywriter” (I owe this to the great copywriters, art directors and strategists I’ve worked with in my advertising career); and “a very supportive and passionate person” (I teach unto others as I would have them teach unto me).

Course feedback was so positive, word got around and the course coordinators at RMIT Media & Communications had to schedule an extra course into their annual timetable.

Once word got out about my copywriting course, I started getting invitations to deliver it for Centre for Adult Education, Writer’s Victoria and a whole bunch of organisations.

But there was always one nagging problem: not enough “me time” in a classroom of 20 or more participants to work through all their issues and needs; let alone apply the learning into enough projects for the know-how to become solid-state.

Come 2013, I followed the advice of a good friend (and photographer of the picture above), and launched this, the Copywriting in Action Live Online School. As far as I know, this is the only short course program totally dedicated to developing the talent of individuals rather than racking up the numbers. That’s why this copywriting course is one-on-one. And because it’s highly collaborative, we get a lot of work done, and have fun doing it. In fact, it’s a lot like working in a highly creative, dynamic communications agency.

So here we are today, and the results of participant works have been exceptional by industry standards. You can view samples in the Case Study section.

What’s more, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive by all online participants (and somewhat humbling for me). You can see the video testimonials on the home page.

My style of teaching is highly collaborative and methodical, combining theory into practical writing projects you bring to the sessions. It’s a masterclass with your own projects as the focus of the learning and training.

Over the years, I have found this project-led approach most effective in demonstrating the strategic and creative thinking processes. It also gives you a more direct, and therefore lasting, learning experience.

You’ll find the spirit of The CWiA School captured in my book, Copywriting in Action. It’s a dramatic adaptation of my copywriting courses, in the tradition of the ‘Socratic dialogue’ as one of my students described it. But don’t buy the book if you register for the course because it comes free with your enrollment.

A Brief Biography

My background is in advertising — copywriter and art director. About 35 years. Big international agencies — J. Walter Thompson, DDB and Saatchis. Boutique agencies like my own, The Di Tempora Group (1996–1998). Freelance copywriter since October 1998.

My other background is education (Monash University Diploma of Education) and editing. I’ve been teaching at RMIT University since 1996, and structural & copy editing since 2001.

Since 2013: Director of the Copywriting in Action Online School (incorporating Art Direction in Action Online)

— it’s not a great business model, but it’s a fabulous learning model; a most satisfying teaching experience for me and learning experience for my students. The one-on-one, collaborative three-project model makes for the best way to learn the craft of copywriting (and, indirectly, structural and copy editing) without working in an agency.

I teach what I practice and I practise what I teach: clear, precise and insightful thinking toward clear, concise and compelling writing for effective communication.

So if you look forward to a superior copywriting or art direction course experience, I look forward to unlocking and developing of your potential as a great communicator.

Cheers, Nicolas Di Tempora

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