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Graphic designers work more with computers, Art Directors work more with people. Art Directors are Idea Makers, turning strategy into great concepts that arrest attention and get the message across instantly. Art directors lead the team and take on the role of a storyteller through the direction of the art — imagery, layout, colour and typography — providing weight and emphasis to convey message and meaning. In essence, the Art Director is the visual counterpart of the Orchestral Conductor. A conductor is not taught, they evolve. And if you’re ready to evolve to art direction, this course is designed and delivered to get you there by:

Getting Right On Strategy

You become the art director, and communication strategy is your first step to a great idea and a break-out campaign that hits your target audience right between the eyes.

Ideating. Ideating. Ah-Ha!

You brainstorm with a professional copywriter, generating ideas and articulating them into art and copy until the “ah-ha moment” happens and layouts are drawn up.

Directing the Art & Copy

You do the layouts with Photoshop and InDesign, and compose the words and images into a perfect synthesis of instantly arresting communication.

“Yes, I enjoyed the course a great deal and I’ve come away with a bunch of new learnings and a refreshed way of looking at things in my day-to-day work.” Andrew Montesanti, Creative Director & Graphic Designer, pixelengine [Melbourne, Australia]

Eight 2-hour, Live-Online, Face-to-Face, Highly Productive Sessions

Investment: $1125

Course enquiries to Nicolas Di Tempora, email to or call +61 425 771 695