The Copy Book that Takes You Inside the Copywriter's Thinking Processes.


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There’s only around a hundred copies left. And I’d love to move them to create more space in my studio. Although published in 2009 it is still relevant today (if not more so).

Copywriting in Action shows you how to write great copy.

And it takes you through the creative and strategic processes involved to produce great copy.

If there’s any book that truly develops you into an accomplished copywriter in all media, this is it.

So if you’re in two minds about buying this book, let your Fear Of Missing Out do the deciding. That’s because it will not be re-published.

From concept to completion, this highly acclaimed book presents five masterclasses on the act of writing quality content for on-and-off-line media.

Never to be re-published again.

Each chapter begins with a brief, then methodically works through the entire strategic and creative process until the most effective final draft is written.

Never to be re-published again.


Because I want to write about other things now.

So now is the perfect time to get yourself a copy while stocks last.

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Copywriting in Action according to the copy kings and queens:

“It took me 15 years of writing self-indulging ads before I discovered what makes great persuasive copy. If I’d had this book when I first started, and read it attentively, I could have discovered the Holy Grail in 15 minutes. It’s there, in six words, but I’ll not give it away:
“In this job, —— is all.” Search out that sentence, dear reader, and think deeply about it because it is what makes copywriters copywriters. Bravo Nicolas, and his students, for this readable and timely primer.” John Bevins, UK Designers & Art Directors’ top 32 copywriters in the world | Australian Writers & Art Directors Hall of Fame

“I used to think there were no really good textbooks about copywriting, but I’ve changed my mind. I wish I’d had “Copywriting in Action” when I was starting out; I’m glad I’ve got it now. Love it! Nicolas explains copywriting and the creative process simply, entertainingly and accurately. Bloody hard to do all three and make it look effortless.”
Jane Caro, copywriter, author and media commentator

“For too long creatives have been great at inspiring people but not so good as teaching them. Maybe that’s because the inspiration bit is a hell of a lot easier than the teaching bit. Nic’s “Copywriting in Action” does both. It’s an invaluable tool for helping us understand the basics we all need to master to become effective communicators.”
Ted Horton, Creative Director, Australian Writers & Art Directors Hall of Fame

“By the time you get to the end of this book, you will be equipped with all the skills, disciplines and knowledge that are necessary if you want to become a successful copywriter.  How successful is up to you. I have no doubt that this book will be responsible for encouraging and discovering a whole new generation of talented copywriters. I would like to congratulate Nick for presenting the art of copywriting in such an accurate, simple, entertaining and powerful way. The brief Nick gave himself for writing this book would have been extremely difficult. But like all good copywriters, he answered the brief perfectly, with outstanding results. Don’t just read this book, absorb it, and most importantly, take advantage of it.”
Ron Mather, Creative Director, 3 Time Gruen Transfer Champion(!) Australian Writers & Art Directors Hall of Fame

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Demonstrates the process, concept by concept, word by word and line by line, of just how you go about the art and science and psychology and music and sociology and etc. of writing clear, concise and compelling copy from concept to the final full stop.
Published by: Vista Publications
Date published: 04/01/2009
ISBN: 1876370130
Available in Paperback