Watch how your donation transforms her into a change maker

For many rural Cambodian children, particularly girls, the dream of education is often overruled by the reality of survival. Affording both is impossible for most families in Cambodia’s Prey Veng Province, with over 50% living in poverty.

Your donation can be the difference between a little girl stuck in scarcity and a young woman that is highly skilled, self-determined and a change-maker in her community.

Thanks to your generosity, one more little girl now has a big smile on her face and even bigger ambition in her heart as she makes her way to Mekhala House.

Built and run by Cambodian Kids Can, Mekhala House provides free education, housing and a safe place away from the grips of poverty, malnutrition, child labour and the sex trade.

The education a Cambodian kid receives will empower her to realise her dream of a profession, a vocation or a pursuit of a vision.

Your donation creates a brighter future for her, her family and her community.

Please make it possible for the next generation of Cambodian kids to become the change-makers they know they can be.


Originally posted 2018-07-11 09:55:39.

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