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copywriting course blogThis copywriting course blog is a natural extension of the Copywriting in Action course. Most of these posts are in the reading list for CWiA copywriting course participants. It also welcomes subscribers looking for useful, interesting and inspiring articles on the craft of copywriting and related topics. In one very long but meaningful slogan, this copywriting course blog is all about the art and science and psychology and musicology and neurology and hypnotology and so onology of writing quality content for selling and telling. It is purpose written for course participants, subscribers and visitors seeking intellectual and emotional intelligence in the media and communications department.

July 13, 2018

CWiA Course Showcase: Gender Neutral World

Gender Your Way   Gender equality doesn’t have to be hard for any parent. Like a road with many paths, there is no right or wrong […]
July 12, 2018

CWiA Course Showcase: DJ Kill It

  VIBES: YOU GOTTA FEEL IT TO KILL IT. Whether it’s three people or 30,000, the crowd feedback you get while playing a set can be […]
July 11, 2018

CWiA Course Showcase: Girls Choose Maths

Meanwhile, my online copywriting course’s latest timetable is up and running and ready to take your booking now.       
July 11, 2018

CWiA Course Showcase: Cambodian Game Changers

Watch how your donation transforms her into a change maker   For many rural Cambodian children, particularly girls, the dream of education is often overruled by […]