CWiA Course Showcase: Gender Neutral World

Gender Your Way   Gender equality doesn’t have to be hard for any parent. Like a road with many paths, there is no right or wrong approach in showing kids the way beyond gender stereotypes. This website has curated a series of 2-minute articles that give you ideas, suggestions and measures toward creating an environment […]

CWiA Course Showcase: DJ Kill It

  VIBES: YOU GOTTA FEEL IT TO KILL IT. Whether it’s three people or 30,000, the crowd feedback you get while playing a set can be the sweetest reward or the most bitter reality for a DJ. Smiles, swaying and hands-in-the-air are all indicators of the level of enjoyment in the room, more commonly referred […]

CWiA Course Showcase: Cambodian Game Changers

Watch how your donation transforms her into a change maker   For many rural Cambodian children, particularly girls, the dream of education is often overruled by the reality of survival. Affording both is impossible for most families in Cambodia’s Prey Veng Province, with over 50% living in poverty. Your donation can be the difference between […]