What Becomes a Copywriting Course Most?

Copywriting Courses Most

What Becomes a Copywriting Course Most? “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Every great teacher knows this pithy Benjamin Franklin adage. Every one of us can relate to it in the various learning curves we’ve traversed. And every copywriting course I’ve investigated does a lot of […]

CWiA Course Showcase: The Scammer

I don’t care who you are, as long as I know your weakness I will find my way into your hard-drive and your accounts and come away with your identity. And … you’re going to hate this bit … you won’t know a thing about it. Unless, of course, you read this article from start […]

Copywriting first impressions that entice them into the story

Copywriting Intros

“Friends, Romans, Copywriters! Lend me your ears …” Copywriting those opening words is a finely crafted art of the first impression. The reader’s snap decision of that impression —”ho hum” or “oh wow!”— is crucial to the whole story. Writers call it “the opening hook”. To me, a great opening hook is like an elegantly […]

Copywriting and the hypnotics of prose rhythm

Copywriting Rhythm

Co-py-wri-ting. Rhy-thm-n-beats. Hyp-no-ti-sm. Four syllables = four beats. Say it aloud and you can feel the rhythm. Quite musical really. Probably because it has embedded in it that universally appealing rhythm of four (tetracolon). Composing a sentence is made up of the following three elements: propositional content, word choice and syntax (arrangement of the words). […]

The 6 Genres of Copy Writing for Selling and Telling [Part 1]


There are four purposes of copywriting (and all types of writing for that matter): to inform, to instruct, to persuade, to entertain or a combination of these. But how do we make sure that our purpose is properly executed in words? This is where style comes in. And the better our understanding of writing styles […]

Here’s a Christmas story with the happiest ending of them all.

Christmas Copywriting

For those of you who read this post last Christmas, you’ll know what’s coming. But like every great story, re-reading it is like catching up with an old friend and being reminded of what inspired the friendship in the first place — a warmth, an understanding, a common ground, an insight, a lesson, or just […]

In the craft of copywriting, empathy is all.

Every day and much of the night, the hotel manager in Colombo faces sub-conscious “snap decisions” from customers when stuff goes wrong and stuff goes right and it’s human nature to focus on the wrong. And there’s the online teacher in Melbourne who lives in a perpetual state of change fatigue and knowledge insecurity brought […]

The Idea Whisperer: An Interview with xxMegg @ Bennetts Jazz Club.

Just like love, the idea of Christmas has inspired many a song rejoicing in it, wishing upon it, rockin’ to it, and making merry about it. The fact that there are over a million Christmas songs tells us this is a special time of year. A time that makes us slow down and muse upon […]

Copywriting, the F shape pattern and how not to get F’ed.


  Having read a number of posts while researching the latest insights into the notorious F Shape pattern (based on Jakob Nielsen’s Eye-Tracking Studies in 2006), I have come to the realization that I’ve been writing for the web since the 1980s! And I have learnt my craft from some of the greatest web writers […]

Part 3: The Last 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Great at Copywriting.


Welcome back to the third and final series of not so great copywriting, and how to make it great. Properly practiced copywriting requires focus, intention and empathy — three things easily overlooked when the mind is lazy and the passion is tepid. The next three pointers are the difference between forgettable communications and engaging dialogues […]