Hey copywriting tragics, let’s wordeate (verb: to create new words).

Copywriting new words

Are you al desko (overworked)? Perhaps you’re hangry (bad-tempered as a result of hunger). Or could it be that you’re still thinking about that rando you met the other night (Someone so unknown to you, that you cannot figure out why he or she is involved in the same social activity as you, but it […]

Why great headlines hit the “Yeah! Factor” (Part 2)

Why … allows you to present a reasoned argument. Why …  allows you to list all the benefits the subject has to offer. Most importantly, Why … allows you to speak your vision. To state what you believe in. To go straight to the limbic centre of our brain (white matter), where those emotional, behavioral, […]

How to write headlines that hit the “Yeah! Factor” (Part 1)

  If you’re browsing eyes scanned toute de suite down to this sentence to the heartbeat of “Oh-Yeah!”, then the first stage of the Anatomy of Body Copy – Arrest Attention – has been successfully accomplished. The concept’s headline and visual is quite literally the be all and end all of a communication piece (which […]