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copywriting course blogThis copywriting course blog is a natural extension of the Copywriting in Action course. Most of these posts are in the reading list for CWiA copywriting course participants. It also welcomes subscribers looking for useful, interesting and inspiring articles on the craft of copywriting and related topics. In one very long but meaningful slogan, this copywriting course blog is all about the art and science and psychology and musicology and neurology and hypnotology and so onology of writing quality content for selling and telling. It is purpose written for course participants, subscribers and visitors seeking intellectual and emotional intelligence in the media and communications department.

December 2, 2019
copywriting insights

Five copywriting insights into the ah-haa moment.

  Smack bang in the middle of your forehead is the third eye closed. It is a well-worn mystical metaphor for insight. That “little flicker of […]
September 30, 2014
copywriting insight

The ah-haa-oh-yeah! of copywriting: five insights on insight.

‘You stare at the blank page, waiting for a good idea to come up. Nothing happens, except the usual stream of cliches, puns and generic expressions. […]