Five copywriting insights into the ah-haa moment.

5 insights of copywriting

The Five Insights of Compelling Copywriting Photography by Lucienne Di Tempora You stare at the blank page, waiting for a good idea to come up. Nothing happens, except the usual stream of cliches, puns and generic expressions. Then you want to give up, or contrive some half-baked thought into something you can get away with. […]

tDCS: to Defer Censoring Story when copywriting.

copywriting handcuffed

This post is for copywriters pondering the interrelationship between their frontal and temporal lobes  … excuse me but it’s for all types of writing not just copywriting! … Let’s explore the neuroscience of creative action … there you go again — getting all technico-jargonissimo … Recent research has identified and validated the correlation between  … […]

In the craft of copywriting, empathy is all.

Every day and much of the night, the hotel manager in Colombo faces sub-conscious “snap decisions” from customers when stuff goes wrong and stuff goes right and it’s human nature to focus on the wrong. And there’s the online teacher in Melbourne who lives in a perpetual state of change fatigue and knowledge insecurity brought […]

Copywriting, ideas making and the act of seeing

copywriting and seeing

Whenever you’re looking for an idea, what you’re actually doing is trying to see the invisible. When you see it, then as a communicator, you express it in words and/or pictures that make the invisible visible. We usually start by seeing what has already been seen before and imitating it for our own purposes. Many […]

Are you an abstract or concrete thinker?

The caption in this pic is taken from Steven Pinker’s book, The Better Angels of Our Nature in which he writes, “A person is not a locus of abstract cognition (a brain on a stick) but a body with emotions and a part of the fabric of nature.” (Page 186). The abstract/concrete parallel in this sentence […]