Copywriting is music. And that’s a biological fact.

copywriting is music

Can you hear the rhythm in your sentences (like the beats in a song)? Can you hear the tonal attitude that characterizes your expressions (like the spirit of a vocalist or instrumentalist)? Can you hear the rhetorical patterns that shape your clauses and phrases into memorable sound bytes (like the catchy riff of a melody […]

Copywriting and the hypnotics of prose rhythm

Copywriting Rhythm

Co-py-wri-ting. Rhy-thm-n-beats. Hyp-no-ti-sm. Four syllables = four beats. Say it aloud and you can feel the rhythm. Quite musical really. Probably because it has embedded in it that universally appealing rhythm of four (tetracolon). Composing a sentence is made up of the following three elements: propositional content, word choice and syntax (arrangement of the words). […]

Copywriting and the rhythm of three.

copywriting rhythm

What gives the rhythm of three such magic, charm, allure or in a word, mojo*? Composing words and ideas in a group of three adds rhythm and cadence to the sound of the words and emotion to the carry of the message. My personal favourite three-peat is Benjamin Franklin’s, “Tell me and I forget. Teach […]