Data > information > knowledge > insight > eureka!

It’s in our ears. It in our eyes. It’s in our head. And as professional communicators, we put it in and out there unwittingly. Usability Consultant Jakob Neilson1 coined it “information pollution”. Newspapers use the term “interruption overload”. The rest of us call it TMI (too much information). Basex, an IT research company that focuses […]

From Socratic Dialogue to Communication Brief

  As many of you who’ve done Copywriting in Action will know from experience, the Communication Brief is a remarkably effective and reliable vehicle for getting the mind focused and the thinking clear. But harvesting knowledge and insight from general information and hazy answers by information gatekeepers such as clients, customers and focus groups is […]

The Meaning Maker: An interview with Strategy Planner, Kirsty Muddle.

Who would have thought a Strategy Planner shared the same compulsive obsessive condition for story, meaning and value as a Copywriter. For those of us who inhabit the right brain of the communication arts, meet your left brain, the strategist. She is highly intelligent. She is remarkably lateral. She is as creative with data and […]

How to write a hi fi communication brief: identifying the key proposition.

copywriting key proposition

In other words: what’s the story morning glory? “What” being the operative word, because this phase of writing the Communication Brief pin-points the What to Say of the communication piece. It needs to be said plain and straight, no cleverness please, we’re not writing the headline yet.  That What To Say has to be clear, […]

How to write a hi fi communication brief: profiling the target audience.

Writing clear, concise and compelling copy always begins with clear, precise and insightful thinking. And that beginning is the Communication Brief. The writing of one leads to the establishment of the common ground upon which we and our target audience can strike a mutual respect for sharing and receiving story. It is the finding of […]