Take Your Copywriting for a Walk

Copywriting and walkingIt takes about twenty minutes of walking for the miracle to happen. And it always happens. About twenty minutes in (approximately 3,556 steps), the monkey-chatter of my brainwaves (Beta frequencies of 14 – 30 Hz) settle down. Now I am in the Alpha/Theta frequencies of 5 – 10 Hz. There are long enough spaces between my thoughts for light to come through — intuition, insight, clarity.

Tone is Attitude; Attitude is Tone.

The clearer your attitude, the better your writing. Whatever your view/feeling, it’s going to come through your writing and colour your words in a particular shade of tonality.

Copywriting, Ideas Making and the Act of Seeing.

Copywriting Course on the Act of SeeingWhenever you’re looking for an idea, what you’re actually doing is trying to see the invisible. When you see it, you proceed to express it in art and copy. You are making the invisible visible.

How to Write a Hi-Fi Communication Brief: Identifying the Key Proposition.

Copywriting & Key PropositionA well prepared Communication Brief pin-points the What to Say so any copywriter can confidently proceed to ideas making. The key proposition needs to be said plain and straight. Do not be tempted by cleverness; we’re not writing the headline yet.  That What To Say has to be clear, concise and insightful — like the 10-second elevator pitch, it encapsulates and captivates.

What Becomes a Copywriting Course Most [Part 2]

Copywriting Courses & MametThis ah-ha moment happened in the Spring of 2002. I was reading On Directing Film: a book version of a masterclass delivered by writer/director, David Mamet, to Columbia University’s film school students. How he brought film-making to life in the classroom was a real game changer.

A Christmas story with the happiest ending of them all.

copywriting christmas storyIt’s about a writer’s tight deadline leading to serendipity. It’s about words. It’s about the small details. And it’s about a Christmas story that has grown stronger with time for those of us with ageing mamas and papas.

The Five Insights of Compelling Copywriting

5 insights of copywriting… ‘how do you get that sudden clarity … that ah-ha moment … that insight?’ It’s good question. Especially for those of us in the communications and copywriting business and serious about ideas, knowledge, solutions and narratives. The answer can be the difference between inspired content creation and insipid content excretion.