Hey let’s Wordeate (Verb: To Create New Words).

Copywriting & Wordeating

William Shakespeare was such a prolific innovator of the written word, he created somewhere between 1,700 and 2,200 words — even more according to a New York data scientist who counted 5,170. Whatever the number, Shakey wordeated by changing nouns into verbs; changing verbs into adjectives; connecting words never before used together; adding prefixes and suffixes; as well as inventing completely original words…

Take Your Copywriting for a Walk

Copywriting and walking

It takes about twenty minutes of walking for the miracle to happen.

And it always happens.

About twenty minutes in (approximately 3,556 steps), the monkey-chatter of my brainwaves (Beta frequencies of 14 – 30 Hz) settle down. Now I am in the Alpha/Theta frequencies of 5 – 10 Hz. There are long enough spaces between my thoughts for light to come through — intuition, insight, clarity.

Copywriting, Ideas Making and the Act of Seeing.

Copywriting Course on the Act of Seeing

Whenever you’re looking for an idea, what you’re actually doing is trying to see the invisible. When you see it, you proceed to express it in art and copy. You are making the invisible visible.

Art direction: The flip side of copywriting.

Art Direction Course

Pictures and words (art and copy) go hand-in-hand. Both the copywriter and the art director are idea makers. Sometimes ideas manifest in the form of words. Other times, they manifest in the mind’s eye as a visual. It’s only natural that this “seeing” comes easier to an art director than a copywriter, simply because they […]

Fire your copywriter and hire a journalist instead

How do you turn typical marketese-speak like this: Be inspired to travel on a journey with APT to a destination that will excite, thrill and leave you longing for more. India, so spectacularly diverse … Into story like this: For George Harrison it was spiritual. For E.M. Forster it was mystical. For Steve Waugh it […]

Data > Information > Knowledge > Insight > Ah-Ha!!

Copywriting Course Light Bulb Moment

Now in case you blinked and missed it, we’ve zoomed passed the Information Age (digital revolution) into what is now referred to as the Knowledge Age (or Knowledge Economy). But most of us are still shovelling out information in the lazy hope that some of it might stick …

Copywriting and The Rhythm of Three.

copywriting rhythm

What gives the rhythm of three such magic, charm, allure or in a word, mojo*?

Composing words and ideas in a group of three adds rhythm and cadence to the sound of the words and emotion to the carry of the message. My personal favourite three-peat is Benjamin Franklin’s, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” (which also elegantly sums up the CWiA School’s teaching code).

Copywriting Strategies Toward a Strong Conclusion

Copywriting The End

Just as the opening line needs to hook the reader in with the promise of a compelling story, the closing line needs to reward the reader with a lasting gift for taking time out to read all of the text. In short, the introduction and the conclusion frame your story and provides a bridge for your reader to enter and exit.

Helen Sword on Seven Secrets of Stylish Academic Writing

It is with great pleasure to introduce you to Helen Sword as guest speaker here today at the Copywriting in Action Live-On-Line School. The first time I read her article, Stylish Academic Writing [The Conversation; July 2012]¹ I promptly shared it with all my copywriting, editing and clear writing students, and I have been doing […]