In the craft of copywriting, empathy is all.

It’s a fine line between creative writing (self-expression) and strategic writing (other-regarding). In this job called “copywriting”, we are having a one-to-one dialogue with a specific target audience with the aim of turning a scanner into a reader. And as social researcher, Hugh Mackay, says (and I paraphrase with a nod to songwriter, Joe South), you’ve got to put yourself in their shoes and walk a mile in them.

CWiA Course Showcase: Gender Neutral World

COPYWRITING COURSE SHOWCASE: GENDERLove is ungendered. Beauty is ungendered. Humanity is ungendered. But the challenges of breaking down concepts of gender and its stereotypes can make us wonder, “where is the love, the beauty, the humanity?” Answers to this question can now be found in our series of two-minute articles …

CWiA Course Showcase: DJ Kill It

Copywriting Course Showcase: The VibeWhether it’s three people or 30,000, the crowd feedback you get while playing a set can be the sweetest reward or the most bitter reality for a DJ. Smiles, swaying and hands-in-the-air are all indicators of the level of enjoyment in the room, more commonly referred to (both ironically and otherwise) as “the vibe”.

CWiA Course Showcase: Cambodian Game Changers

Watch how your donation transforms her into a change maker   For many rural Cambodian children, particularly girls, the dream of education is often overruled by the reality of survival. Affording both is impossible for most families in Cambodia’s Prey Veng Province, with over 50% living in poverty. Your donation can be the difference between […]

Tone is Attitude; Attitude is Tone

Copywriting Course on Tone‘What is tone?’ Maybe it’s in the air this year but a lot of people have been asking me this question.  The short answer is attitude. This is a particular view or feeling you show on a subject. Whatever your view/feeling, it’s going to come through your writing and colour your words in a particular shade of tonality — sincere/devious, witty/inane, caring/indifferent, cold/warm, melancholy/joyful, affectionate/callous, aggressive/considerate, the list goes on and you can view it down below.

The Idea Whisperer: An Interview with xxMegg @ Bennetts Jazz Club.

Just like love, the idea of Christmas has inspired many a song rejoicing in it, wishing upon it, rockin’ to it, and making merry about it. The fact that there are over a million Christmas songs tells us this is a special time of year. A time that makes us slow down and muse upon […]

Copywriting Toward a More Meaningful Life.

copywritin in actionA month doesn’t go by without me seeing my therapist. I need regular relief from the mind-sapping double whammy of the digital and material worlds. My nature demands that I stop the world for a few hours to reflect, recuperate and reconnect (with myself, others and the environment). So I’ve been going to the same place for treatment and healing since I was a junior copywriter back in the 1980s. That place (or more to the point, sanctuary) is the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

Over-riding the F Shape Pattern in Copywriting

In case you’re not familiar with the F-Shape study, heatmaps from Jakob Nielsen eyetracking studies showed areas where users looked the most are colored red; the yellow areas indicate fewer views, followed by the least-viewed blue areas. Gray areas didn’t attract any fixations. As you can see from these heatmap images, there was a fair bit of browsing, and but very little of the copy was red, therefore read.