Part 3: The Last 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Great at Copywriting.


Welcome back to the third and final series of not so great copywriting, and how to make it great. Properly practiced copywriting requires focus, intention and empathy — three things easily overlooked when the mind is lazy and the passion is tepid. The next three pointers are the difference between forgettable communications and engaging dialogues […]

Part 2: The Next 2 Reasons Why You’re Not Great at Copywriting.


Welcome back to what’s turning out to be a magnum opus about not so great copywriting (!) I’ve decided to break it down to two reasons at a time so as not to overload you with TMI. It’s also a good idea to just focus on a couple of copywriting skills at a time so […]

Part 1: The First 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Great at Copywriting.


Empathy is all in this job. And relationship is the love. As we all know, quality relationships are made of mutual respect, rapport and trust to keep it tight and true. In most circumstances, it usually starts with small talk. “Hi, I see you’re reading Murakami, he’s one of my favourite writers.” “Yeah me too, […]

Art direction: The flip side of copywriting.

Art Direction Course

Pictures and words (art and copy) go hand-in-hand. Both the copywriter and the art director are idea makers. Sometimes ideas manifest in the form of words. Other times, they manifest in the mind’s eye as a visual. It’s only natural that this “seeing” comes easier to an art director than a copywriter, simply because they […]

About: the second most important page you’ll ever write.


COPYWRITING IN ACTION COURSE INSIGHT #20 ABOUT The Second Most Important Page You’ll Ever Write The About page of any site would have to be the second most visited page after the home page. Some serious time and energy is needed to write an About into storyville. Having said that, About pages are great opportunities […]

Hey let’s Wordeate (Verb: To Create New Words).

Copywriting & Wordeating

William Shakespeare was such a prolific innovator of the written word, he created somewhere between 1,700 and 2,200 words — even more according to a New York data scientist who counted 5,170. Whatever the number, Shakey wordeated by changing nouns into verbs; changing verbs into adjectives; connecting words never before used together; adding prefixes and suffixes; as well as inventing completely original words…

Copywriting and The Rhythm of Three.

copywriting rhythm

What gives the rhythm of three such magic, charm, allure or in a word, mojo*?

Composing words and ideas in a group of three adds rhythm and cadence to the sound of the words and emotion to the carry of the message. My personal favourite three-peat is Benjamin Franklin’s, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” (which also elegantly sums up the CWiA School’s teaching code).

Fire your copywriter and hire a journalist instead

How do you turn typical marketese-speak like this: Be inspired to travel on a journey with APT to a destination that will excite, thrill and leave you longing for more. India, so spectacularly diverse … Into story like this: For George Harrison it was spiritual. For E.M. Forster it was mystical. For Steve Waugh it […]

‘Crime….”!” –and- —Punctuation: ; , . (?).’

‘Aaah, the crimes we commit against punctuation,’ sighed a student, after we concluded the punctuation segment of my Copy Editing class at the Centre for Adult Education in Melbourne this week. This participant works in HR, and complained that too many job applications are so badly punctuated, even the personal pronoun “I” is typed in […]