How do you choose from soooo many copywriting courses out there?

copywriting courses online teacher

The short answer is, “read their copy and see if they practice what they teach like this page does”.

Every sentence here is written to demonstrate the craft of copywriting (and SEO) according to the Anatomy of Body Copy. These words are carefully chosen and structured for clear, concise and compelling communication. All these words add up to a single-minded key message: the only way you learn properly practiced copywriting is one-on-one with a professional copywriter and qualified teacher.

If the course fee is what sways you, look at the features and benefits:


Copywriting in Action® is a premium quality, customised, one-on-one professional development program in which you complete 3 projects worth up to $500 each (in professional copywriting fees).


Your come out of this online copywriting course a thoroughly professional, adaptable, all-round copywriter for all media great and small.


This online copywriting course is, without doubt according to Copywriting In Action® course graduates, an exceptional return on investment.


My Copywriting in Action® online course is the sure way to get to where you want to go, earn what you want to earn, and realise the dreams you want to realise.

You can contact me on 0425 771 695 or to discuss your learning objectives; or go straight to the latest timetable and enrol with absolute confidence:

Enrol Here

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