Clear Writing for Effective Communication

In-House Training with Nicolas Di Tempora

Clear Writing for Effective Communication

In-House Training with Nicolas Di Tempora

In-House Training by Nic Di Tempora
in-house training

“Our team could immediately apply techniques to improve our writing and how we speak about our business. As providers of professional development, we couldn’t have asked for a better in-house training experience.”

Engineering Education Australia
David J Williams [General Manager] & Jacklyn Swiecicki [Marketing Manager]

Post-workshop feedback from November’s three-hour workshop with Next Wave participants

The positives: “Tailored towards our specific needs.” “Interactivity, activities.” “Practical tips and exercises.” “Collaborative writing.” “I liked the processes from Copywriting session.” “Peer-based learning and real-world writing examples.” “Mix of notes/presentation styles to suit all learning styles.” “We had a great time and it was so useful! Thank you.” “Tools, tips, strategy.” “The presenter.” “It was collaborative and relevant. We were able to workshop actual pieces of writing that the organisation is working on.” “Very good value for money, and connected to skills outside of arts sector (different language and focus).” “Tutor’s commitment to making the session relevant to the group.”

The negatives: “Session too short, a lot crammed in.” “Slightly less theory would be good.” “More time for feedback on works in progress.”


All of the above participating organisations have been referrals by individual organisation members who completed my online or on campus courses at RMIT University and the Centre for Adult Education. This is a unique learning experience in that it is designed and delivered to challenge, direct and drive your organisation’s talent toward the highest standards of clear and readable written communications for reports, proposals, policies, emails, web pages, blog posts, speeches, media releases and marketing materials.

In short, this program is designed and delivered to produce a long-lasting learning experience.

My teaching style is very collaborative, combining theory and practice as I direct your strategic thinking and creative output into words (and images where needed). My objective is to activate participants into applying the key learning points on the go. Along the way, I demonstrate the processes that produce effective written communication.


Here’s what I mean by “effective”:

  • Writing that anticipates, shapes and satisfies a reader’s need for information and knowledge. 

  • Sentences that bring ideas and images into clearer focus with select details and explanations.


The following 6 subject areas and components are covered in the course. Together we can select which areas of the curriculum best meet your organisation’s objectives and time-frame:

1  Writing a high fidelity Communication Brief

2  The 6 stages of The Anatomy of Body Copy

3  Constructing effective sentences

4  Structural and Copy Editing

5 Proofreading (the checklist)

6  Visual communications (optional extra)

Benefits in Brief:

• National availability, with a time that suits your organisation
• Customised to your organisation’s learning objectives, culture and assessment criteria
• Practical, collaborative and engaging Group Projects designed and delivered to entrain the strategic and creative skills of effective communication in all media
• Industry approved course book demonstrating and summarizing key learning points

Enquiries and scheduling can be made to


“Overall, the workshop left each of us with a renewed interest in the art of copywriting, along with the ability to produce far more concise and engaging text.” BROCK JEFFERIES, BROCHURE PRODUCTION, APT

“The copywriting training that Nicolas provided was very hands-on and specific to our company’s needs. Nicolas challenged all our pre-conceived ideas and gave us the skills to be able to write more persuasive copy. I would not hesitate in recommending his in-house program to other companies, no matter what the level of skill their staff may already have in copywriting.” JAN LIPNICKI| EDITORIAL MANAGER | HOBSONS AUSTRALIA