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Online Copywriting Course with Nicolas Di Tempora.

Critical thinking


Collaboration and


with pro copywriter and qualified educator.

Great copywriting begins with a great online copywriting course. And my Copywriting in Action online copywriting course is for those who want to think up creative ideas (that zig when everybody else zags), create quality content (that turns browsers into readers), and earn 101% return on investment (multiplied by eight 2-hour sessions). By the end of my online copywriting course, you come out a thoroughly professional, highly adaptable, all-round copywriter.

Copywriting in Action Online is centred on the Four Cs many education experts consider essential for being highly adaptable to the changes we are in. These four essentials are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

In these times, this is the sure way to get to where you want to go, earn what you want to earn, and realise the dreams you want to realise.



You get an individualised, customised, one-on-one learning program of eight 2-hour online sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts (your choice). It’s in real time. It’s face-to-face. And you collaborate with me in co-writing a variety of projects using Google Docs. You’re encouraged to bring your own writing projects to class. At least three projects are to be completed. Theory, strategy and creativity are put into practice generating ideas, articulating them into words and images, then structuring and writing copy according to the Anatomy of Body Copy. Your complimentary copy of Copywriting in Action and my blog post reading list will be your faithful companions throughout the course (and long after it is completed).


Course content

Preparing a High Fidelity Communication Brief

Generating ideas and articulating them into headlines and visuals

Structuring copy according to the The Anatomy of Body Copy

Building Sentences that move story forward

Using transitional and literary devices to engage the reader

Learning the 8 strategies toward a strong conclusion

Working closely with a professional copywriter/editor and qualified teacher

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded on completion of this online copywriting course.


This online copywriting course is ideal for:

Graphic designers and writers, marketing and communications practitioners, commercial and educational writers, small business managers and copywriters who want to be better than they already are.

I design and deliver copywriting, clear writing and editing courses at RMIT University, Centre for Adult Education and variations on the theme at Writers Victoria. But because my online copywriting course is one-on-one, remote-learning friendly and timetable flexible, it has your best interests at heart.

Live Online Copywriting Course via Skype

Unlike most online copywriting courses, which are delivered for a general audience (so they’re only generally helpful), my online copywriting course is one-on-one, face-to-face and real-time for the 101% learning and development experience. As a qualified teacher (Dip.Ed.) and professional copywriter, I know from experience that becoming skilful at the craft of copywriting requires learning on the job — and the master-apprentice model is the ideal learning experience.