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One-On-One. Live Online. Face-To-Face. 101% You-Time.


Here, you get an individualised, customised, one-on-one live stream learning program of eight 2-hour online sessions via Zoom Video Conferencing. Together, we collaborate and co-write any BYO professional or personal projects via Google Docs. You’re encouraged to complete three projects. Theory, strategy and creativity are put into practice generating ideas, articulating them into words and images, then structuring and writing copy according to the Anatomy of Body Copy. Each completed project is worth $300–$500 in professional copywriting fees: real ROI in anybody’s language.

Online Copywriting in Action® Course Content

Preparing a high fidelity Communication Brief

Generating and articulating concepts with Art & Copy

Structuring narrative logic using the The Anatomy of Body Copy

Building sentences and using transitional that move story forward

Employing literary devices to engage the reader

Learning the 7 strategies toward a strong conclusion

Completing 3 projects from concept to completion

Working closely with a professional copywriter/editor and qualified teacher

Weekly reading list from my CopyBlog

Complimentary copy of my book, Copywriting in Action

A Certificate of Participation awarded on completion of all eight sessions.


This online advanced copywriting course is ideal for:

Graphic designers and all types of writers, marketing and communications practitioners, commercial and educational writers, small business managers and working copywriters who want to be better than they already are.

I design and deliver copywriting, clear writing and editing courses at RMIT University, Centre for Adult Education and variations on the theme at Writers Victoria. But because my online copywriting course is one-on-one, remote-learning friendly and timetable flexible, your guaranteed 101% return on investment.

Money-back guarantee in the first half-hour:

If, in the first 30 minutes of your first session, you decide this course is not for you, a full refund will be made. Simple as that.

Meanwhile, download the HO-HUM OH-WOW! eBook here and see what a difference a Copywriting in Action® course can make to your own written communications skills.

Live Online Copywriting Course via Zoom Video Conferencing

With my digital copywriting course online, you aren’t just getting general writing lessons from a lecturer with a dozen other students. Instead, you’re receiving rigorous hands-on writing advice and feedback from someone who has been on the ground in this industry (DDB, Saatchis and The Di Tempora Group) and earned a reputation as an expert in all things copywriting. My course is cost-effective simply because it is more focused on making a difference for you, the student.

To learn more and enrol:

Contact Nicolas today on +61 425 771 695

Unlike most online copywriting courses, which are delivered for a general audience (so they’re only generally helpful), my online copywriting course is one-on-one, face-to-face and real-time for the 101% learning and development experience. As a qualified teacher (Dip.Ed.) and professional copywriter, I know from experience that becoming skilful at the craft of copywriting requires learning on the job — and the master-apprentice model is the ideal learning experience.


Take Yourself Higher with My LiveStream Copywriting Course

These days, if you’re thinking about enrolling in a digital copywriting course in Australia, you have no shortage of options available to you. It used to be that there were four or five main copywriting courses throughout the country. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and the proliferation of online/distance learning, a simple Google search will reveal dozens of copywriting courses. So how do you narrow down the selection and find a course that is going to give you the strategic and creative tools you need to succeed as a professional writer?


Experience an Individualised, Customised, 101% You-Time Copywriting Course

Since 2013, Copywriting in Action® has been offering a unique website copywriting course that isn’t quite like any other copywriting curriculum available in Australia. Delivered by professional copywriter and qualified educator Nicolas Di Tempora, Copywriting in Action® offers a few key differences that make it an ideal course for aspiring professional copywriters:

  • More one-on-one time. Most online courses are an excuse for schools or instructors to get a lot of ‘bums in seats’ and maximise revenue while delivering an overly general curriculum. Our digital copywriting course online is different. Rather than presenting a lecture that will appeal to the largest common denominator, we provide private, one-on-one, face-to-face classes via Zoom Video Conferencing. You are essentially getting eight two-hour private masterclasses, which means that our model better resembles the ‘master-apprentice’ learning approach of old than the large class sizes of today’s university courses.
  • A visual component. Today’s professional writers are more than just writers. They also need to be photographers, photo editors, graphic designers, art directors, document designers and all-around visual artists. Art and copy often work together to get a message across. We incorporate a visual component into our courses to make sure that our students understand how their jobs may demand more than just the written word.
  • A grounded perspective. Nicolas has been a professional working copywriter for decades, through multiple eras and technological shifts. Where many digital copywriting course programs sell the ‘dream’ of copywriting, Nicolas has the perspective to share the true reality of the job, and to give students a glimpse at what life in this field really looks like and what it takes to make it in the real world.

Master the Tools You Need to Succeed with a Digital Copywriting Course

Why enrol in a digital or website copywriting course? Here are a few of the many benefits of pursuing a deeper education in writing:

  • Writing is now everyone’s job. It used to be that we could leave the copywriting to…well, to the copywriters! Today, things have changed. Writing impacts virtually every job in every industry, whether in the form of memos and emails or effective website development and content creation. We give you the clear thinking and clear writing tools essential for succeeding in modern media and communications.
  • We help you break through the noise. There is a lot of content out there, to the point where arresting attention and turning a browser into a reader is more difficult than ever. We teach you the fundamentals of copywriting—along with a few secret tricks (here’s a freebie: when everybody zigs, you zag) — to help you rise above the clutter in a busy online content landscape.
  • We care about your goals. The idea of being a writer can look completely different to each one of us. For one person, it might be journalism. For another person, it might be blogging. For the third person, it might be website content writing. We always say that we are ‘101-percent participant-focused,’ which means we listen to your goals and tailor our teaching approach to help you develop writing skills that will accurately meet your goals.
online copywriting course

Becoming a professional copywriter begins with a professional online copywriting course. And a professional online copywriting course begins with a professional copywriter and qualified educator. That’s where Copywriting in Action® Live-Online & One-On-One comes in. Contact Nicolas Di Tempora at or 0425 771 695. 

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