See how poor copy can turn into power copy:

Copywriting case studiesLeaflet: The only way to tell the real stories behind gambling is to write like a real story teller.

Copywriting Case StudiesWhite Paper: Good Manager Bad Manager is the title of this White Paper and the introduction section sums up clearly what we’ll get.

copywriting-coursesCourse Book: Save us the history lecture and abstractions, talk to us as if we were sitting across the table from you.

copywriting-coursesLanding Page: It’s amazing what a difference a good brief makes. And sometimes it’s up to the copywriter to write one.


Brochure: Leadership Development company writing their own copy. From feature lecture to benefit-driven dialogue.

copywriting-courseseDM: Cut to the chase, especially if you’ve got a compelling number. And cut email lengths by half too.

copywriting-coursesBlog Post: Story. Show Don’t Tell. And tell don’t sell. You’re entering someone’s world, be interesting, be respectful, be helpful.

ENKILanding Page: Start-up business writing their own copy. From product point-of-view to prospect-point-of-view.

STERLINGeDM: Email Marketing copywriter loses himself in the copywriting. After CWiA, he finally finds his voice.

copywriting examplesPrint advertisement: a clear case of repetition in the Before draft. A clear case of clear, concise and compelling thinking in the After draft.

copywriting examplesPrint Press Release: missing from the “before” draft was a story. As the writer was made to explain it, what became clear was the story of an unlikely hero.

Copywriting examplesWeb Page: rather than skirt around the truth,  the writer was asked to tell the honest truth and allow the reader to know up front what is asked of them.

copywriting examplesWeb Page: The “before” draft is a perfect case of The Curse of Knowledge (assuming the reader understands what you understand), when the writer was asked to spell out and unpack the product and proposition, we could finally see what he could see.

copywriting examples

Brochure: Corporate-speak with a dash of hyperbole transformed into plain English with a demonstration of the proposition – Leadership.


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