Copywriting In Action

One-On-One Training, Face-To-Face Feedback, Live-On-Line Learning:

Course Fee: $1,600 (AUS) $1,300 (USA)


CWiA’s copywriting course is an 8-session (2 hours each) applied learning and development program for marketing and communications practitioners, content creators, small businesses doing it for themselves and individuals exploring professional and personal writing possibilities.

There are daytime and evening sessions, and you have the flexibility to reschedule a session when life happens, as long as the course is completed within three months from enrolment date.

During the course, we will be working together live and online (via Zoom video conference). The one-on-one program ensures maximum “me-time” to work and complete at least 3 projects.

Each session commences with a mini power-point presentation lecture on the session topic (including Q&A) with class notes available for download. Then we get working on the project brief via Google Docs, applying the learning so far.

All your work will go through a rigorous reviewing process with instructions and creative direction for re-writing assignments up to a professional standard.

This course includes both teaching and training methodologies:

In the training you’ll learn the strategic and creative processes that enable you to create all types of communications, from concept to completion to accomplishment.

In the teaching you’ll explore your strengths, weaknesses and abilities as well as develop your acumen for turning data and information into knowledge and insight.

Once you register, you’ll receive a free copy of the industry approved Copywriting in Action course book. Once you complete the course, you’ll receive a well-earned Certificate of Participation.

Uninduced, Unedited, Unfudged Testimonials

“… unlike many of the courses out there, Nicolas’ course is an intense one-on-one program, so he gives you his undivided attention during those 1.5 hours together. I think that’s really important when you’re learning copywriting. You really need someone to show you the process involved and help you think of ideas and improve your writing. The money was more than worth it for the amount of attention I got from Nicolas.”

Jamie Han | Tour Guide | Singapore


“The CWiA course has been hugely beneficial to my writing. Nicolas’ teaching is practical, and pushes you to think beyond your everyday capabilities no matter what level you’re at. Co-writing with him one-on-one is also an invaluable part of the course that teaches you to think clearly and concisely ‘on the job’. A brilliant practical course (and teacher!) that would suit whether you’re looking to learn from scratch, improve or master the skill of copywriting.”

Sandra Louise Coia | Copywriter


“This course has been an invaluable investment for both my employer and me. The classes and content are both well structured and accessible, yet at the same time, challenging. The challenge, of course, is not simply to learn content, but to apply Nicolas’s techniques to real projects. And what a fun challenge that was! You leave the course with an ability to write engaging copy, and the resources in which to assist and inspire you to achieve this in any domain. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

Bonny Westmore | Writer


“Nic’s course is packed full with all the insight, information, templates and guidance you need to be a copywriter. But above all, I think the best thing about his course is the project-based nature of it. The fact that I have worked through several projects and have experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t and seen the craft of copywriting in action by watching Nic – that is the best part. I also loved that Nic’s course allowed me to set the pace, so I could pack in my learning in such a short time frame. This made it great value for time and money.”

Rebecca Loxton | Freelance Copywriter


“Nicolas is an exceptional teacher, capable of bringing out the genius writer in his students. He does not lecture, but rather inspires you to write with passion and excellence. 

I signed up for one of Nicolas’ writing courses and learned more writing skills in those two days than I have in the eight years of my writing career. I highly recommend his teaching skills and editing expertise to any writer looking to develop and refine their craft.”

Prema Howard | Digital Communications Specialist