The Four Purposes of Writing

copywriting and the four purposes of writing

No matter the target audience; no matter the subject; no matter the medium; the craft of copywriting employs all four purposes in the one sitting. Unlike all other forms of writing, copywriting is conversing with a reluctant, impatient and, quite likely, skeptical target audience. You can easily lose them any sentence along the way. That’s where all four purposes of writing combined keep them interested.

‘Crime….”!” –and- —Punctuation: ; , . (?).’

‘Aaah, the crimes we commit against punctuation,’ sighed a student, after we concluded the punctuation segment of my Copy Editing class at the Centre for Adult Education in Melbourne this week. This participant works in HR, and complained that too many job applications are so badly punctuated, even the personal pronoun “I” is typed in […]

Steven Pinker on Ten Grammar Rules You Can Break

Welcome to CWiA’s first of the 2015 Guest Speaker Series in which I let the true thought leaders of our time do the talking. My own knowledge of the English language and the art of writing it well has been learnt from people like today’s guest, Steven Pinker, experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist and linguist. In […]