The Copywriting in Action Online School

One-On-One Live-On-Line Learning & Development

with Nicolas Di Tempora

The Copywriting in Action Online School

One-On-One Live-On-Line Learning & Development

with Nicolas Di Tempora


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Unlike most copywriting courses, which are delivered for a general audience (so it’s only generally helpful), Copywriting in Action’s one-on-one course gives you 101% me-time. So your specific needs, issues and idiosyncrasies are taken into account as you learn and apply the strategic and creative processes. And you put both into practice on real projects (you can either B.Y.O. or get briefs from me). What’s more, because it’s live-on-line, you get to co-write with an award-winning copywriter/qualified teacher and experience the craft of copywriting in action.


Every session (2 hours) is delivered live and online with Nicolas Di Tempora, Qualified Teacher (RMIT University Media & Communications), Professional Copywriter & Editor (DiTEMPORA.COMMUNICATIONS). We meet online via Google Hangouts, this video conference is exactly like being in the classroom with a qualified teacher, editor, writer and art director. And together, we work together using Google Docs as you work your way from concept to completion to a great sense of accomplishment.


What’s more, you’re co-writing with someone who’s learned his craft from the world greats of copywriting (Peter Carey, Bill Bernbach, David Abbott, Ron Mather and Ted Horton). And, being a qualified teacher (Dip.Ed.) you’re co-writing with someone who has your best interests at heart. So it’s no wonder this particular copywriting course has consistently received glowing reviews by participants from all around Australia and, more recently, New York.


This is not so much a copywriting course but a copywriting internship. You work with a Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief totally committed to bringing out the very best in you. And you work on real briefs that require you to develop (1) a third eye for what makes people tick (2) know-how in juggling the six genres of writing (3) skill-sets for both selling and telling and (4) self-assessment skills including structural and copy editing. So by the end of your 8-week internship, you come out re-engineered into a thoroughly professional, highly adaptable, all-round writer.


Up-skill your writing to a whole new level of effective communication.

Course Fee $849 (includes eight sessions by 2 hours each)

Course Enquiries: 0425 771 695

“As a freelance copywriter, I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon Nicolas Di Tempora’s Copywriting In Action course. I believe taking this course has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my writing career. Nicolas is a very experienced, passionate and friendly teacher to work with, making your study sessions interesting and fun. This course is very different to other courses as it is very hands-on—you get to collaborate with an experienced mind who gives you the individual attention you need and provides clarity to the areas you need to improve. I learnt very valuable information and techniques through this course and feel that I have gained much-needed discipline in my writing. Amazing value for money and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their writing.”

Mariyam Shifa, Freelance Writer [Maldives / Melbourne]


• Know-how on headlines and visuals, opening paragraphs, substantiation sentences and types of conclusions.

• Know-how on the strategic and creative processes for preparing a communication brief, generating ideas, structuring the outline and copy editing.

• Know-how on the techniques of story-making, writing pictures, transitions and rhetorical devices.

By the end of this copywriting course, we will have laid a solid foundation for your development into a great writer able to take on any project in any medium.


You get to step inside the guy’s mind and see how these master copywriters really think and come up with great ideas. You learn a whole lot!

“… unlike many of the courses out there, Nicolas gives you his undivided attention during those 1.5 hours together. I think that’s really important when you’re learning copywriting. You really need someone to show you the process involved and help you think of ideas and improve your writing. The money was more than worth it. His syllabus is well organised and structured, so you really feel you’re making progressive steps toward being a better copywriter. And you’re getting a good mentor during your 8 weeks with him.”

Organising and transforming information overload into narrative logic.

Turning knowledge and insight into compelling concepts.

Turning features into benefits and fascinations.

How to breathe life into the dead facts.

Writing from the reader’s (and viewer’s) point-of-view.

Moving the story forward from sentence to sentence.

Thinking about writing, not just writing.

I can’t begin to express how much I’ve learned.

Being able to objectively judge my own work (and the work of others).

How to identify bad copy and turn it into good copy.

Persuading the reader to read on until the final full stop.

Gaining the ability to reteach myself.

Structuring according to the anatomy of body copy.

Thinking and writing along strategic and creative lines.

The co-writing was how I genuinely learned.

The Anatomy of Body Copy and the practical side.