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One-On-One. Live-Online. Face-To-Face. In Real Time. This is an industry-standard copywriting course designed and delivered for professional communicators in all types of commercial, public and community services.

You will acquire the very know-how essential to clear thinking and clear writing for effective communications.

This we accomplish by you completing 3 projects of your choice (each worth approximately $300 in standard copywriting fees). From theory to practice to concept to completion is this copywriting course’s way to mastering the craft of copywriting.

Along the way, you will experience many ah ha’s! and oh yeah’s!

Learn from a qualified teacher and professional copywriter.

I, Nicolas Di Tempora, begin by getting to know your learning objectives and the projects you want to work on. The curriculum is calibrated to your needs, wants and outcomes relevant to your professional development.

Along the way, we collabo-write together. Because it’s a live stream, face-to-face, real time  copywriting course, you get very NOW feedback. This master/apprentice learning model guarantees you maximum learning and development on the job.

Of course, you can do the travel and traffic to my CAE/Box Hill Institute or Writers Victoria copywriting courses. But with a classroom full of people, there’s no opportunity to get your own project done, let alone three (!) My online Copywriting in Action® course is all “you time”, hassle (and Covid) free and do-able anywhere in Australia and overseas.

What’s more, if ever work, life or health gets in the way, you can always reschedule the missed session. This means your course fee never goes to waste.

But above and beyond all (other copywriting courses), you come out of Copywriting in Action® Online with 3 professional pieces of writing for your work and/or your folio.

This recent case study from AH-HA! OH-YEAH! That’s Copywriting in Action is what I’m talking about:

Before & After Copywriting Course
copywriting course book

Introducing a showcase of works by Copywriting in Action® participants. As you can see from the Before & After excerpt, my copywriting course teaches what it practices and practices what it teaches — copywriting that sings.

(Part 1) Way of the Copywriter: From Theory to Practice

We begin the first part of each session with a visual tutorial on one of the eight essential stages of properly practiced copywriting.

The first stage is the Communication Brief: Big Mind Big Heart. 

The next six stages take you through the6 stages of the Anatomy of Body Copy: Moving Story Forward.

And the final stage is Judging Your Work: The 8 Question Method.

These tutorials are packaged into PDF class notes for you to access in your personalised Copywriting in Action® course folder on Google Drive. All your projects and any additional reference material will also be put in this folder. Only you and I have access rights.

What’s more, you have a weekly reading list from my CopyBlog. These posts expand on the topics in the course and demonstrate the craft of copywriting in the process.

During the tutorial part of each session, you’re welcome to jump in with questions, comments or opinions. Any issue, confusion or problem is resolved there and then. I give you the information, knowledge or insight you need to clear the way for your learning to grow and your training to consolidate. This usually becomes an enriching conversation about the art and science and psychology and musicology and neurology and hypnotology and so-on-ology of writing quality content for selling and/or telling.

(Part 2) Way of the Copywriter: from Concept to Completion

The second half of the session is the In Action part of this online copywriting course. You begin work on your three preferred projects. These can be real jobs you bring to class; personal assignments and/or hypotheticals for real-world application by me.

Each project is written collaboratively via Google Docs. You learn the craft of copywriting in all it’s fascinating dimensions. You see what works and what doesn’t. You have many “ah ha!” moments and “oh yeah!” epiphanies. You acquire the know-how along the way. You witness your ideas and writing evolve into quality content of industry standard.

You quite literally live and learn in the moment. Hence Copywriting IN ACTION (!)

Your aim is to complete three projects for any media to a professional standard. My aim is to make sure of that.

How Do You Choose From So Many Copywriting Courses?

The short answer is, “read their copy and see if they practice what they teach like this page does”.

Every sentence here is written to demonstrate the craft of copywriting (and SEO). These words are carefully chosen and structured for clear, concise and compelling communication. All these words add up to a single-minded key message: the only way you learn properly practiced copywriting is one-on-one with a pro copywriter and qualified teacher.

If the course fee is what sways you, look at the features and benefits:


Copywriting in Action® is a premium quality, customised, one-on-one professional development program in which you complete 3 projects worth up to $500 each (in professional copywriting fees).


Your come out of this online copywriting course a thoroughly professional, adaptable, all-round copywriter for all media great and small.


This online copywriting course is, without doubt, an exceptional return on investment.


Copywriting in Action® is the sure way to get to where you want to go, earn what you want to earn, and realise the dreams you want to realise.

Copywriting in Action®:
The Gold Standard in Online Copywriting Courses?

View the testimonials below and you’ll see the answer is a resounding “yes”. Unlike most copywriting courses, which are delivered for a general audience (so they’re only generally helpful), my online copywriting course is a 101% “you-time” learning and development experience. It’s not a bums-on-seats business model; that’s not my aim. As a qualified teacher (Dip.Ed.) and professional copywriter, I know from experience that becoming skilful at the craft of copywriting requires learning on the job — and the master-apprentice model is the ideal learning experience.

Whether you’re a beginner, an advancer or a business starter-upper, you’ll acquire the know-how of communication strategy, concept development, anatomy of body copy, transitions, literary devices, strategies toward strong conclusions and SEO essentials. All this in eight (2-hours) sessions of instant and constructive feedback. Your mission is to complete at least three copywriting projects to pro standard. What’s more, you collaborate with a professional copywriter, editor and qualified teacher — yours truly, Nicolas Di Tempora.

I design and deliver copywriting and editing courses at RMIT University, Centre for Adult Education and variations on the theme at Writers Victoria. But because my online copywriting course is one-on-one, remote-learning friendly and timetable flexible, it has your best interests at heart.

So you’re in good hands doing my Copywriting in Action® course. I can say that with great confidence because of the great feedback I keep receiving from CWiA participants. See the video testimonials below. Or just enrol here now and let’s get your show on the road.

Uninduced, Unedited, Unfudged Written Testimonials

“… unlike many of the courses out there, Nicolas’ course is an intense one-on-one program, so he gives you his undivided attention during those 1.5 hours together. I think that’s really important when you’re learning copywriting. You really need someone to show you the process involved and help you think of ideas and improve your writing. The money was more than worth it for the amount of attention I got from Nicolas.”

Jamie Han | Tour Guide | Singapore

“The CWiA course has been hugely beneficial to my writing. Nicolas’ teaching is practical, and pushes you to think beyond your everyday capabilities no matter what level you’re at. Co-writing with him one-on-one is also an invaluable part of the course that teaches you to think clearly and concisely ‘on the job’. A brilliant practical course (and teacher!) that would suit whether you’re looking to learn from scratch, improve or master the skill of copywriting.”

Sandra Louise Coia | Copywriter

“This course has been an invaluable investment for both my employer and me. The classes and content are both well structured and accessible, yet at the same time, challenging. The challenge, of course, is not simply to learn content, but to apply Nicolas’s techniques to real projects. And what a fun challenge that was! You leave the course with an ability to write engaging copy, and the resources in which to assist and inspire you to achieve this in any domain. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

Bonny Westmore | Writer

“Nic’s course is packed full with all the insight, information, templates and guidance you need to be a copywriter. But above all, I think the best thing about his course is the project-based nature of it. The fact that I have worked through several projects and have experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t and seen the craft of copywriting in action by watching Nic – that is the best part. I also loved that Nic’s course allowed me to set the pace, so I could pack in my learning in such a short time frame. This made it great value for time and money.”

Rebecca Loxton | Freelance Copywriter

“Nicolas is an exceptional teacher, capable of bringing out the genius writer in his students. He does not lecture, but rather inspires you to write with passion and excellence. 

I signed up for one of Nicolas’ writing courses and learned more writing skills in those two days than I have in the eight years of my writing career. I highly recommend his teaching skills and editing expertise to any writer looking to develop and refine their craft.”

Prema Howard | Digital Communications Specialist

There are so many more testimonials from CWiA graduates, we could go on and on and on. But I think you get the drift.

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