The Copywriting in Action Online Course

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity with pro copywriter and qualified educator, Nicolas Di Tempora

The Copywriting in Action Online Course

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity with professional copywriter and qualified educator, Nicolas Di Tempora

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Great Copywriting Begins with a Great Copywriting Course.

Of the growing number of copywriting courses out there, this online copywriting course is for those serious about thinking up great ideas (that zig when everybody else zags), creating arresting content (every sentence of the way), and earning 101% return on investment (in every session). All of which means that by the end of this highly regarded online copywriting course (see testimonials below), you come out a thoroughly professional, adaptable, all-round copywriter.

Copywriting in Action Online is centred on the Four Cs many education experts consider essential for being highly adaptable to the changes we are in. These four essentials are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

In these times, this is the sure way to get to where you want to go, earn what you want to earn, and realise the dreams you want to realise.

Investment: $925 (includes course book and booking fee). Course Enquiries: +61 425 771 695

CWiA: the Benchmark in Online Copywriting Courses?

If you view the testimonials below, you’ll know the answer to be a resounding “yes”. Unlike most copywriting courses, which are delivered for a general audience (so they’re only generally helpful), my online copywriting course is one-on-one, face-to-face (via Skype) and real-time for the 101% learning and development experience. It’s not a bums-on-seats business model; that’s not my aim. As a qualified teacher (Dip.Ed.) and professional copywriter, I know from experience that becoming skilful at the craft of copywriting requires learning on the job — and the master-apprentice model is the ideal learning experience.

Whether you’re a beginner, an advancer or a business start-upper, you will learn and put into practice communication strategy, concept development, the anatomy of body copy, transitions, rhetorical devices and strategies toward strong conclusions. All this in eight (2 hours) sessions of instant and constructive feedback. You complete a minimum of three copywriting projects to pro standard. And you collaborate with a professional copywriter, editor and qualified teacher — yours truly, Nicolas Di Tempora.

I design and deliver copywriting and editing courses at RMIT University, Centre for Adult Education and variations on the theme at Writers Victoria. But because my online copywriting course is one-on-one, remote-learning friendly and timetable flexible, it has your best interests at heart.

The Best Online Copywriting Course is Working With a Master Copywriter

Since the golden age of master copywriters like David Abbott, Mary Wear, Susie Henry, Barbara Noakes and John Bevins, the craft of copywriting has been a skillful, artful and successful writing skill — from selling propositions to telling stories to finely balancing both. In the ’90s, I had the great privilege of working with master copywriters at Saatchis where I finally “got it” and won some creative awards too. The foreword in my book tells the story. Since then, I have loved teaching the craft and collaborating with content writers (around Australia and America) who want to “get it” too.

So you’re in good hands with me and my Copywriting in Action online course. I can say that with great confidence because of the great feedback I keep receiving from CWiA participants. It’s true! See the video testimonials below. Or just book in now and let’s get your show on the road.

What the Start-Uppers say about their ROI:

Here’s someone who’s an expert, worked at Saatchis, teaches at RMIT University and you’ve got him all to yourself, one-on-one.

It was really worth the money. The course is well organised and structured and you really see your progress during the 8 sessions.

What the Advancers say about their ROI:

Becoming skilled at organising and transforming information overload into narrative logic was gold.

Turning knowledge and insight into compelling concepts has given me the control you need to write effectively.

Turning features into benefits and fascinations was a valuable take-away for me.

Now I know how to breathe life into the dead facts.

Thinking about writing, not just writing was a whole new paradigm shift for me.

I can’t begin to express how much I’ve learned.

Being able to objectively judge my own work (and the work of others) was a huge step forward in my professional development.

Now I know how to identify bad copy, and turn it into good copy .

“As a freelance copywriter, I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon Nicolas Di Tempora’s Copywriting In Action course. I believe taking this course has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my writing career. Nicolas is a very experienced, passionate and friendly teacher to work with, making your study sessions interesting and fun. This course is very different to other courses as it is very hands-on—you get to collaborate with an experienced mind who gives you the individual attention you need and provides clarity to the areas you need to improve. I learnt very valuable information and techniques through this course and feel that I have gained much-needed discipline in my writing. Amazing value for money and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their writing.”

Mariyam Shifa, Freelance Writer [Maldives / Melbourne]

What the Beginners say about their ROI:

I now know how to persuade the reader to read on until the final full stop.

I’ve re-gained the ability and measuring tools to re-teach myself.

Now I get structure! Thanks to the Anatomy of Body Copy.

To think and write along strategic and creative lines was a revelation.

Co-writing with Nic was a genuinely effective learning experience.

Applying the Anatomy of Body Copy on three practical projects was invaluable for me.

Moving the story forward from sentence to sentence was very challenging, but extremely rewarding.